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CreditRich CultureFest is Coming
-April 2023-

Credit Culture is in the air! As we kick off the inaugural CreditRich Culture Fest in Washington, DC, we want to give you the wealth experience of a lifetime.

During this monumental weekend filled with entertainment, this event promotes credit literacy, wealth leadership, networking, and diversity and inclusion.

From unforgettable events to panels, interviews, and fireside chats from thought leaders in business, media, and politics.

Through a series of panels, discussions, and open forums, we invite participants to imagine what it will take to overcome the credit barriers prohibiting loan progress throughout the US financial and education system for minority communities.

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Bring together HBCUs, housing, finance, and entertainment industries for financial education

Close the education, equity, and homeownership gaps

Host research study, college tour, pitch competitions, docuseries, podcast, and press conferences​

Expand credit, homeownership opportunities, and access to affordable loans for vulnerable borrowers with a focus on the black community

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Pitch Competition

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The tour aims to highlight the critical role HBCUs play at the center of the Black financial, educational, and social ecosystem.


We will host a pitch competition for students to present the best solution for addressing credit disparities in homeownership and increasing wealth for Black Americans.

They will focus on removing credit barriers and driving change through financial technology insights, educational resources, mortgage products and other creative solutions.


The finalists will have the opportunity to pitch to our celebrity judges, financial leaders, and investors.

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Meet new contacts from industries such as credit, financial services, healthcare, housing, entertainment, HBCUs, and more. Connect with people with diverse viewpoints and creative ideas throughout the fest. Grow your network.

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10-week competition for the best solution for credit disparities in home loans. The Pitch Competition winners will pitch at CultureFest, and be honored with an award ceremony.

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Seminars and panel discussions will focus on how financial literacy affects different arenas such as entertainment, sports, housing, healthcare, and more. Education is key.

Catered Event


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At CreditRich, We work hard and we play hard. CreditRich Culturefest combines a professional learning experience while making it fun to connect with people personally as well.

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