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Leave your credit score to us.

CreditRich helps increase your credit score by using your spare change to intelligently pay your bills. It's easy!

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We help ensure your bills get paid.

A high credit score gives you access to more affordable credit so that you can pay for big-ticket items like college, a new car, or a house without the high interest rates. CreditRich helps you raise your score by prioritizing your debt, intelligently paying it off, and forecasting how different actions will affect your score.

Once you set it up, robots do the rest.


Download the app and sign up. It's simple and quick.


Prioritize Debt: Select bills to pay or let our award-winning algorithm choose bills that'll increase your score


Add creditors and bills (like car payments, etc.)


Watch your score improve as we pay off your debt with your spare change

CreditRich intelligently prioritizes your bills with an eye towards credit.

Your round-ups go into a special savings account. From there CreditRich’s award-winning algorithm intelligently selects the bills with the highest potential to raise your credit score and prioritizes them for payment. You can make one-time deposits in the account and even pay a loved one’s debts to help their credit score, too.

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Use your credit score to get richer.

At CreditRich, we believe personal finance shouldn’t be mysterious. Our mission is to reduce poverty by giving people access to easy-to-understand financial education materials. Our adaptive financial literacy courses feature fun online games and short videos that teach you about finance and show you how to use your good credit reputation to gain financial advantages like:

Credit Card Bonuses and Rewards

Lower Interest Rates

Loan Refinancing

Better Insurance Rates

No-Interest Deals

Companies Competing for your Business

With the uncertainty the world is facing, consumers are watching their credit now perhaps more than ever, and CreditRich is dedicated to offering innovative and accessible products that help them both grow and protect that credit.

- Angel Rich, CEO


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