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"Fintech founder Angel Rich made history this month, launching the artificial intelligence fintech app CreditRich in partnership with credit report..."

Yahoo Finance

"This partnership will strengthen CreditRich's self-reinforcing model to increase the number of qualified customers for financial products as ..."


"Angel Rich is the brains behind CreditRich. She's on a mission to transform how financial literacy ..."


"Rich's company, WealthyLife, launched its AI-powered fintech app, CreditRich in April, collaborating with Finovate/FinDEVr alum Experian. The ..."

DC News Now

"Living Local DMV - Interview with financial literacy for women of color with fintech founder Angel Rich..."

Payments Dive

"By rounding up spare change and helping customers make timely bill payments, Credit Rich aims to help millennials pay off their student debt as ..."

The Undefeated

"Rich, a Hampton University graduate, developed Credit Stacker, an app that teaches students about personal finance, credit management and ..."

London News Journal

"CreditRich, the first Black, woman-owned neo-bank offering intelligent bill pay for credit optimization, and Visa, a world leader in digital payments..."


"The startup company behind the CreditRich app is called WealthyLife, founded by Angel Rich, named Next Steve Jobs by Forbes Magazine ..."


"Acclaimed financial guru Angel Rich has partnered with Experian to launch her new artificial intelligence fintech app..."

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