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What is CreditRich?

CreditRich was founded in 2020 by our CEO Angel Rich. In 2021, CreditRich made history and was recognized in Forbes as well as other major publications for becoming the first company run by a Black American that has partnered with a major credit bureau.


CreditRich is an app, currently only available on Android, which helps users increase their credit scores by rounding up their spare change to pay their bills. Users input their bill information, and the CreditRich algorithm will intelligently prioritize bill payments from the money collected within the app. Reminders are sent to customers to alert them of upcoming payments to ensure they pay their bills in full and on time, raising their credit score. The iOS app is currently in production and should be released soon.


CreditRich is part of The Wealth Factory INC, a conglomeration of brands in the fintech and financial literacy space. Other brands under The Wealth Factory umbrella include WealthyLife and CreditStacker. WealthyLife provides financial literacy education technology through games, curriculum, courses, and other FinTech products that walk users from birth to retirement in 12 interactive modules to exceed the personal finance common core standards. CreditStacker was named the best financial literacy company in the country by the White House, Department of Education, and JP Morgan Chase, our app climbed to #1 education app in 14 countries on Apple, top 5 in 40 countries, and has been inducted into the top 50 apps department at Google.


Angel Rich and Courtney Keen met while attending revered HBCU, Hampton University, in Virginia. They became best friends, and together founded The Wealth Factory in 2013. Their dedicated work has brought the company to a valuation of over $1.5 Billion.

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